Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Pools are always a great way to liven up the backyard, even more so when they’re inflatable one. Many people have their kids’ birthdays at home, and that means everyone usually ends up playing in the backyard anyway.

Rather than having them all crowded around a plastic swimming pool, why not invest in inflatable pools instead? They inflate in no time, they don’t take up too much space on your lawn and you can even inflate several inflatable kiddie water pools at once to let everyone have their own.

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inflatable kiddie pool

What are inflatable pools for kids anyway?

If you’re wondering what an inflatable kiddie pool is, it’s basically a kid-sized inflatable swimming pool. They are smaller than ordinary swimming pools, obviously, but they do the job just fine when it comes to letting your child have some fun splashing around in the water.

There are tons of inflatable kiddie swimming pools available on the market today, with tons of models and brands to choose from.

Inflatable Kiddie Pool Advantages

These inflatable kiddie pool advantages mean that these pools are a must-have for every parent with kids:

  • Inflatable kiddie water pools take up very little space on your lawn, so they won’t interfere too much with any inflatable bounce house you may have set up during the summer months. This means inflatable kiddie swimming pools can be used all year round! Put them in the garden or backyard when there’s no snow outside, then fold them up and bring them indoors for the winter if necessary.
  • These inflatable kiddie swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that’s most suitable for your garden.
  • They inflate and deflate in next to no time, which means they’re simple to put up and pack away when you want to use the space for something else.
inflatable baby pool
  • Kiddie pools inflatable are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with permanent inflatable pools (see inflatable pool disadvantages below).
  • They’re designed with kids in mind, so inflatable kiddie pools are more fun than regular swimming pools – perfect if you have young children who are reluctant swimmers!
  • Inflatable kiddie pools come in a range of different shapes and sizes – from small inflatable wading pools to large inflatable kiddie pools.

What inflatable kiddie pool is right for me?

This depends on the ages of your children and the space you have available, but here are some popular inflatable baby pool options:

Inflatable baby pool – great if your kids haven’t mastered swimming just yet, inflatable baby pools are shallow enough that even toddlers can stand in them without drowning. The best inflatable baby pools come with inflatable lids to prevent children from falling in when you’re not looking.

inflatable baby pool

Inflatable wading pool – not as deep as traditional swimming pools, inflatable wading pools are designed for small children who want to splash around at the water’s edge without getting too wet! A lot of inflatable wading pools come with inflatable lids for safety.

 Inflatable kiddie poolinflatable baby pool are the most useful of all inflatable swimming pools. They’re deep enough that toddlers can learn to swim in them but shallow enough that they don’t need to be watched constantly!

With inflatable baby pools, inflatable wading pools, and inflatable kiddie pools, you’ll be able to turn the tiniest corner of your yard into a private oasis just perfect for small children. Best of all, inflatable kids’ swimming pools are affordable and easy to store if you live in an apartment or have limited storage space.

And here is the best part about buying an inflatable kids’ wading pool: inflatable kiddie pools are SO easy to set up! No tools are required. Just inflate and fill. (Permanent inflatable pools, on the other hand, require more intricate installation processes.) inflatable kiddie pools – inflatable kid pools come in various types, ranging from simple inflatable plastic kiddie pool cubes to playfully-shaped inflatable baby pools that will add an extra dash of fun and imagination to your child’s backyard paradise.

inflatable kiddie pool

Inflatable Baby Pool Pros

An inflatable baby pool can be used for many things. They are great for cooling down in the summer especially if you have kids who love to play outside all day long. It’s also a nice way to bring water inside your home instead of having it outside where bugs and insects might get into it causing bacteria and germs.

If you want to buy an inflatable baby pool, make sure that before you start inflating you should wipe down the inflatable material with rubbing alcohol because this will kill any germ or bacteria that could cause someone to become sick. You should then inflate the inflatable baby pool up about 2/3 of the way then let it sit overnight to ensure that all of the air has escaped so there aren’t any blowouts.

Inflatable pools are safe

The inflatable baby pool should be placed on soft grass just in case the inflatable baby pool falls over someone won’t get hurt and can enjoy playing in the inflatable baby pool. The inflatable baby pool is then ready to be filled up with water and everyone can start splashing each other and having a great time.

Four Season Use – Indoor use

The inflatable baby pools have lots of benefits to them making them perfect for any kind of weather and a place your inflatable baby pool. The inflatable baby pool is very easy to inflate and will take up any regular-sized double bed.

When the inflatable baby pool becomes dirty, such as when someone falls in it, it can be cleaned with a hose or you can turn on the tap and let it fill up. You can also buy special liquid shampoo to wash your inflatable baby pool with, but using water is just as good and most people don’t bother buying anything else.

inflatable baby pool

Take to the Beach – Portable

It is an inflatable baby pool benefit to take an inflatable baby pool to the beach with you. They are easy to inflate and just sit there taking up space or being in your way.

When you are done, it takes two minutes to deflate your inflatable baby pool, pack it away and put it at the top of your car so that you can have more room for your other stuff.


BASIC Kids inflatable pools: The most affordable types of inflatable childrens’ swimming pools for sale on Amazon right now are basic table kid’s wading or inflatable kid’s inflatable baby pool. They’re inflatable cuboid inflatable girl pools that can be found in both inflatable baby pools and inflatable toddler pools variations. While they may not be as fun and exciting as the above-mentioned inflatable pools for kids, basic inflatable kiddie wading pools are extremely practical and versatile pieces of inflatable equipment, regardless of their shape or design.


All of the above inflatable kiddie swimming pools on Amazon come with free shipping if you subscribe to this e-retailer’s Subscribe & Save service (learn more about its benefits here ). The downside to inflatable baby pools for sale on Amazon is that customers cannot choose to pick up their items at a warehouse close to them, nor can they select delivery dates.


The one inflatable swimming pool for kids you can find in stores is the Intex Play Center inflatable toddler pool. This inflatable baby pool comes with both an inflatable slide and a crawling tunnel modeled after popular inflatable bouncy castles. Its inflatable vinyl construction makes it durable enough not to pop during playtime.

What are inflatable kiddie pools made of?

Pool walls are usually made of heavy-duty plastic or vinyl. A layer of polyester mesh is located at the bottom of the inflatable kiddie pool. Its purpose is to add extra strength and reinforcement to inflatable kiddie pool walls. The inflatable vinyl construction makes it durable enough not to pop during playtime.

Inflatable kiddie pools can be found in various shapes and sizes, from castles modeled after popular inflatable bouncy castles to fun-themed inflatable toddler pools shaped like a car or an airplane. Some inflatable swimming pool for kids come with both a slide and a crawling tunnel! While most inflatable kiddie pools are made out of vinyl, some inflatable toddler pools have inflatable polyester mesh on their bases for added support and strength. Sometimes, inflatable kiddie pools with inflatable mesh are called inflatable baby pool.

inflatable kiddie pool

Inflatable toddler pools can be closed or opened for storage, and most inflatable kiddie pools come with a blower to inflate them in a matter of minutes. Most inflatable swimming pool for kids also fold flat when deflated and can be stored in the included matching storage bag until they’re ready to use again next summer!

The best quality inflatable kiddie pool will be made out of heavy-duty vinyl that has at least 30 grams per square inch (GSM) – expect high-quality inflatable swimming pool for kids to have anywhere from 50 to 80SM.

The inflatable baby pool must have a durable bottom that does not leak air when the inflatable kiddie pool is in use. Otherwise, there will not be enough air pressure in the inflatable kiddie pool after some time, and your children might fall into the water while playing with it. It would be very dangerous!

How to keep a kiddie pool clean? 

Answer: It’s tempting to think that a kiddie pool is only as dirty as what you see on the surface, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. A small film of algae will form within minutes of the previous swimming session, and is made worse by anything you pour into the water. It doesn’t help that kids are often messy swimmers – they have loose bowel movements in the pool or wet their bodies with water they then put all over themselves. That’s why it is important to sanitize your pool before using it again so bacteria can’t grow on whatever remains even if this means scrubbing out every trace of dirt around the edges with a bristle brush.

Where to buy a kiddie pool?

Answer: Kiddie pools aren’t really the type of product you can buy in a store – they are typically bought at toy stores, toy sections in department stores, or online. Here are some retailers where you might find the kiddie pool you’re looking for.

Walmart WMT Offers Kiddie Pools that come in various sizes to accommodate children of all ages up to 6 years old. Walmart GNS offers an inflatable kiddie pool shaped like a castle with its own working water cannon and fun slide for 3-year-olders up to 12 years old The CVS Pharmacy offer plastic varieties sold individually or as large sets with accompanying toys.

How much bleach to add to the kiddie pool?

Answer: 3/4 of a quart.

The most common type of bleach is chlorine bleach. To make a kiddie pool safe for swimming, you would need to add about 3/4 gallon of chlorine bleach per 10,000 gallons. A typical pool holds around 20,000 gallons- so if you have a 12 foot by 24 foot rectangular shaped pool that measures 8 feet deep and 4foot wide then all the swimming hallways will be two inches deep. So that’s 8000gallons of water or 20000 liters and for that amount it would take 160ml of chlorine bleach to disinfect the whole thing. It should be noted though that even these small amounts can cause severe irritation, especially on sensitive skin such as children’s skin

How many gallons is a kiddie pool?


A kiddie pool is normally between 10 to 12 inches deep which makes it .32 to .25 feet in depth. The size of the pool will vary but typically ranges from 3m x 2m (9’10” x 6’7″) or 4m x 3m (13 ‘ x 10’). A typical kiddie pool holds approximately .2 cubic meters of water.

That converts to 20 gallons  when using the metric system, and 24 Gallons using standard measurement.

For example when using metric system, 20 = 0.5M³; 24 Gallons = 746 Liter; 746 Liter is ~1 Barrel*   *standard Barrels are about 42 Gallons in size