Why Does My Hot Tub Smell?

Why does my hot tub smell? Everyone loves a hot bath, but yikes! – it smells terrible. What gives? Turns out that everyone or our friend smell-o-vision or smell-a-lization is to blame. When we’re submerged in water and we sweat, we release waste products like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas*.

Reason 1: Inspect your hot tub cover

If you want to keep that pesky foul odor out of the water, it’s time for a new lid. When old lids begin trapping moisture and accumulate dirt inside them over years worth of use—it starts smelling bad! For best results replace those covers as soon as they start developing problems with stinky smells coming from their seals (or cracks).

Reason 2: Lack of Chlorine

Why is my tub water stinky? The reason for the strong, disagreeable scent in hot tubs may have more than one cause. One of those causes could be due to a lack of chlorine or inadequate amounts applied at regular intervals by homeowners themselves while another possibility would be high levels that hot tub smell because they’re not being properly disinfected with an appropriate cleaner according to manufacturer instructions; shocking your own spa will help control bacteria buildup and kill it once it sets off on its merry way!

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Reason 3: Drain the hot tub

Mold growth in a spa can be very pesky and difficult to get rid of, so make sure you’re on top of your game with regular draining. When it comes time for maintenance or repairs always have someone qualified pour fresh chemicals before adding new ones; this will help prevent any potential mold from taking residence! Reason 2: Check chemical balance  Regularly checking how things are going usually means no one has room left over when there’s an irregularity – like if something leaked into its system…but don’t worry because now is as good a time as ever before calling us at

Reason 4: Chemical balance

There are some important things you should know about pH balance in hot tubs. If the water’s not at a threshold range of 7-7.6, it can mean bacteria smell in hot tub  has accumulated and biofilm may form on surfaces such as walls or floors; this is bad because biofilms lead to increased drag when swishing around with your feet and they make disinfectants less effective against them!

It also means using chlorine rather than bromine based treatments will give false readings from tests strips due to their different abilities concerning resistant substances these types have been found associated most strongly (though not exclusively) towards certain

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Reason 5: Pipe Smell

Why does my hot tub smell? Pipe cleaning is essential for the health and safety of you hot tub. Make sure to clean your pipes at least a few times per year by following these instructions: 

1) Vacuum up all dirt from inside or outside each pipe with an attachment on the vacuum as well as any crevices where biofilm may be lurking (a bucket works best). 2) Add one cup hydrogen peroxide + ¼ teaspoon dishwashing liquid soap directly into each drain opening before running water through it until clear, then flush out *all* sewer lines thoroughly under pressure using plus 3 separate fittings; don’t forget about those pesky elbow joints along

Reason 6: Bad Smell from Hot Tub Filters

One of the most important parts to your hot tub is its filters. Along with draining it and making sure that you have an eye on them, replacing these will help keep bacteria at bay by preventing any dirt build up in between changes when recommended by manufacturers- or even sooner if needed!


In order to make a hot tub smell good, essential oils and Epson salt can be used. Essential oils come in many different flavors and scents and can help mask any undesirable smells given off by the water and chemicals. And never ever ask again: Why does my hot tub smell? Other techniques for fighting odors include opening windows or doors, turning on an ozone generator or chlorine generator before entering the spa to kill bacteria, investing in an air purifier/humidifier system that will circulate fresh air instead of recirculating stale air which can also cause odors. It is also important to remove body hair from clothing using sticky tape prior to entering the spa as otherwise it may collect dust particles or give off unpleasant smells once removed from wet clothes due to static electricity charges.